JustAskIt! An AI Powered Smart Tool for Power Platform Consultants

Following on from my previous article on Engineering your first Prompt, I'm pleased to announce (in conjunction with my friend Jon Russell) that our JustAskIt solution is now available on GitHub!

This solution formed from Jon and I linking up our own AI Journeys and doing what we do best, bouncing ideas off each other! We've learnt A LOT about engineering prompts and getting the most out of Large Language Models.

View Jon's Write up here

JustAskIt is a solution powered by prompting. The goal of this solution is to help augment the work of Power Platform Consultants who may not always have insight into domain-specific knowledge of the customers they engage with on a day-to-day basis.

The responses JustAskIt can produce should provide a springboard for consultants to use as a basis for their engagement with customers. As we build out the capabilities and reusability of this solution, so too will the features and use cases expand.

We're excited to take our idea of augmenting the work of Power Platform consultants to the next level, with the help of the wider community for their input, assistance and contributions. We're going to add content on the repo soon that will go over how the wider community can contribute to this project, so stay tuned!

We're just getting started, but we have some really neat ideas we're going to incorporate into JustAskIt soon, which will no doubt form content on this blog. One of those is Flow Orchestration, a subject I'm going to be talking about on this blog very soon!

We still have a lot of work to do on JustAskIt, but now that it's on GitHub, I'm thrilled that you can all come along for the ride :)

You can find our original demo here

Something I've learned over the past two years in the Power Platform space is the importance of collaboration with others. I've always been reclusive when it comes to collaborating on projects I've been working on, this has been due to nervousness, anxiety and that constant feeling of being an imposter.

In my current employment, I'm surrounded by amazing people who have shown me the importance of collaboration. None more so than my good friends Jon Russell, Craig White, Chris Huntingford and Lewis Baybutt. To say I've blossomed as a consultant, developer and all-round better person in the past 6 months is a massive understatement and is underpinned by the foundations these guys have set out. Thank you!